Afrikaans Grade 4 to Grade 7
Afrikaans Programme

Afrikaans Grade 4 to Grade 7

The Grade 4 – 7 syllabus includes (Purchased per grade):

  • 100’s of Afrikaans video tutorials which you can pause, play, rewind and replay at any time.
  • Tutorials covering Afrikaans language rules.
  • Interactive language and comprehension exercises.
  • Revision exams with revision video tutorials.
  • Interactive Afrikaans/ English vocabulary exercises.
  • Lesson worksheets and lesson guides.

All Afrikaans lessons and content is aligned to the school syllabus.


Foundation Package (All Gr4 to Gr7 content)

Forming a strong foundation in Afrikaans is essential to grasping more difficult concepts and obtaining a firm handle of the language. This package is designed to help learners establish a robust foundation in Afrikaans by developing and improving basic foundational techniques and vocabulary. The programme is versatile and can benefit learners at various levels from grades 4 to 10. This package is essential for allowing learners to not only pass, but excel in high school Afrikaans and contribute to obtaining university exemption.

The Foundation Package includes:

  • Access to the complete grade 4 – 7 syllabus content
  • Afrikaans Exam and test revision papers
  • Essential Afrikaans language rules and exercises

All elements of the Gr4 to Gr7 programme (listed above)