The video lessons are an effective tool which allows learners to engage in the learning experience by using 3 out of their 5 senses.

There are downloadable worksheets for every lesson and multiple quizzes to reinforce what has been learned in each lesson.

Our programme is accessible any time of the day and difficult concepts can be replayed repeatedly until the child has mastered the content.

Our Programmes


Try our Demo Programme!

Demo Logins:

Zulu Lessons – Username: zuludemo    Password: learneo

Afrikaans Lessons – Username: learneoafrikaans   Password: demo1

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How does it work?

Step 1: Buy a learneo package online

Step 2: Login to the online platform with your learneo login details

Step 3: Choose a lesson or topic to learn or revise.

Step 4: Watch the lesson video. Videos can be paused, rewound or repeated as many times as is needed to fully grasped the relevant concept. The videos include worksheets, interactive question and answer exercises which provide a full classroom lesson experience.

Step 5: Excel at learning Zulu or Afrikaans.


Plans & Pricing

1 Month
R299 per grade.
3 Months
Per Grade. Equivalent to R250 per month.
6 Months
Per Grade. Equivalent to R200 per month.
Per Grade: Equivalent to R175 per month
Please contact us for multiple sign ups

This is exactly the programme I have been looking for.

Gr6 Parent

My children are really enjoying the programme and I am enjoying the independence it offers.

Homeschooling mom

Thank you – My son is improving so much.

- Parent of Gr3 Learner