About Us

About us

We are passionate about making learning Zulu and Afrikaans an enjoyable experience, and offer an effective and accessible education solution for all learners.

Many learners struggle to grasp and use  Zulu or Afrikaans as a second  language since they lack the vital foundation skills. This often begins at a young age but can be addressed if learners are afforded the right opportunity to improve and excel.

Our desire is to help all learners overcome the misconception that learning Zulu and Afrikaans has to be difficult and that it is a barrier to them achieving academic success in their school career. This is why Learneo has created a simple, affordable and high quality solution that allows learners of various ages to better understand and become more proficient in a second language.

The solution we offer is video based and is designed to be an interactive and engaging experience that can be repeated and revisited as many times as needed.


Our Learneo Team

Heidi Wrogemann (Zulu Specialist)





Heidi Wrogemann (Zulu Content & Curriculum Developer)

I have been involved in education at various levels, for thirty years.

My journey with Zulu started in the 80s when I studied it as one of three languages toward my teaching qualification. After qualifying as a teacher, I went on to study Psychology and Communication and I soon discovered how the human brain processes language. This discovery led to the creation of my unique methodology to teach a language effectively. I started my career at Prep School level and then moved on to create and implement courses to suit the specific needs of scholars up to matric, foreigners, and people in business environments.  I have created and successfully delivered training materials including workbooks, manuals, competency assessments, games and more recently, the Zulu content on Learneo.

My years of experience, expertise, and sheer dedication have resulted in the birth of this unique program.